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Our services

TREE RESOURCES take primary responsibility for identifying and developing key suppliers for natural resources, chemicals, fuels, industry goods and services. TREE RESOURCES operate in Africa where is responsible for key industry, central and local infrastructure projects. TREE RESOURCES provide sourcing across various categories and help to satisfy occasional or periodic sourcing requirements. Such setup helps customers to provide right country-based sourcing efforts especially in the case of complex countries such China where a range of sub-markets exist. The company operates in Asia and Africa. Strategic global sourcing is considered as combination of the:

Natural resources

All types of natural resources including wood, metals, natural fibres, unprocessed food and other raw materials.


Modern civilization development is based on chemistry, essential chemicals are present and required for all daily activities.


Enabling and empowering our life daily where fuels are transformed to requested form of output energy.

Industry goods

Wide variety of industry goods is required for daily personal life, industry and services operations.


Our services are provided to customers to maximalize satisfaction and long term business sustainability. Understanding customers’ needs allows planning, engineering, development and long term operation.


Ideas, planning and appropriate technology application are our specialities allowing daily business operations.

TREE RESOURCES Limited have been providing complex solutions to their customers worldwide since 2016.

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